Moni Hill

I walk in the woods near my house every day with my youngest child and the family dogs. I walk for exercise and fresh air, but really I walk in the woods to remind myself that this is where hope lives. Hope exists in winter when the ground is cold and asleep, and hope exists in spring time, when I notice that despite whatever news I heard on the radio, the birds still sing their song, and box turtles still take tentative steps across the dirt path. Azaleas burst forth their color in arrogance, as if they did not read the news today, and I remember that I am here on this earth to pay attention. And so I paint to pay attention, not just to my smart phone, not just to the busy schedule of my family, but to the wonderful world that still manages to adorn herself in magnificent colors, every day. I paint to step away from the world, and to enter into the World. My paintings are inspired by my love of color, and my daily pursuit of joy.